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Kennedy Road, Hastings



Project Type:

Residential Social Development for Kāinga Ora

Project Dates:

2023 - 2024

Developed under the meticulous planning and management of TW Property, this residential subdivision comprises of 4 social housing units, catering perfectly to the needs of families seeking comfort and convenience.

In our dedication to social responsibility, these units meet all healthy home standards, ensuring the well-being of their occupants while fostering a sense of community. In close proximity to St. Leonard’s Park, in Hastings makes this development an ideal place for families.

The efforts of our businesses, where our various teams collaborate—from construction to plumbing and electrical—working seamlessly together, emphasise the power of TeamWork, each contributing their expertise to bring the TW Property vision to life.

Engaged by TW Property were our TW Group of Companies: Construction, Civil and Infrastructure, Concrete and Landscaping, Electrical, Painting and Masonry, Plumbing, Roofing, Rocket Scaffolding, Superchill HVAC and Refrigeration, Traffic Management.

Team up

We are going to be looking a little bit different across our business divisions, stay tuned.